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Address: 11235 SE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: (425) 688-7788

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Commerce Bridge Company, LLC is a private commercial lender founded upon a vision which recognizes that America's small to middle market companies are continuously challenged to navigate an overly regulated banking system. For many private companies, growth or corporate recovery is restricted by partner bank credit agreements which favor the lender over the path to success of the client business.Commerce Bridge Company, LLC works intimately with its client businesses to appropriately structure credit facilities that adequately address business investment requirements that parallel sound and savvy planning, management, and execution disciplines. Our products effectively bridge the lending gap between the banking industry's credit extension limitations and the actual needs of the client's operations.Commerce Bridge Company, LLC represents a throwback to the way business banking relationships used to be conducted and managed. We make our capital available to client companies through advantage based products that target our client's financing needs in tandem with their own vision and goals. Our mission is to enable U.S. businesses to span, over rock solid foundations, their road to sustained growth and prosperity. Commerce Bridge Company, Pride, Trust, Partnership and Success are mutual covenants of lending.Commerce Bridge Company, LLC provides access to a suite of private commercial lending products and services developed, enhanced, and practically applied to assist performing companies to grow and prosper.

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