Payday Loans Online: What Are They? Where To Get?


payday loans

Everything you need to know about payday loans


“I just need $500 for today. Where do I get the money?!”


Did you recognize yourself in these two sentences? At least 12 million Americans use payday loans every year to cover all kinds of expenses: rent, shopping, or utilities. This is a normal practice in the whole world, so there is nothing to be afraid of.


What are payday loans?


Payday loans, or also known as “cash-advance’ loans, are usually given for a few days with high interest. They become a part of the borrower’s next paycheck with an additional fee for using the service.


In most cases, such loans are given for a week and include amounts up to $1000. Different companies provide various fees, so it is important that you calculate your expenses in advance to choose the most advantageous option.

Amount of Loan: 100$
Loan Cost: 100$
Total Amount: 100$

This is not a guaranteed calculation. The ARP rate may and other parameters may vary from state to state. Also, lenders can charge an additional commission for processing a loan.


In the payday loan calculator above, you can see the amount of money that you will have to pay back to the company, including the fee for skipping the deadlines. It is very easy to calculate because you can enter the amount you get, the loan fee, the repayment time (this is the time you get to return the money). This will help you count the Annual Percentage Rate (APR).


Can you get a payday loan online?


Yes, payday loans are available online. Almost anyone can get one. All you need to do is choose an amount you wish to receive, send your scanned documents, enter the number of your bank card, and wait for the approval.


Usually, most companies try to process the requests in less than one hour, so you should be able to get the money in no time. After the approval, the money will be sent to your card within 2 hours. The precise time completely depends on your bank. Not all of them support fast payments, so if you are unlucky enough to have such a bank, you might have to wait for more than one day.


Why was my loan declined by a payday lender?


It is generally stated that getting a payday loan is easy even for a person with a bad credit record. In fact, some kind of credit check is actually conducted. This may be a standard verification procedure or the company might just make sure that you are able to repay the debt.


In most cases, people have no issues with getting a confirmation for their request. However, there may be some reasons for a request to be rejected:



The main reason many people do not get a payday loan is their unemployment. The loaner needs to make sure the person is able to repay its debt. If you do not have a job, this shows that you haven’t got a stable income source, and you might have difficulties with returning the money.


A VERY bad credit score

Not all payday loan providers check their clients’ credit history. However, there are companies that do. If you have a very bad credit score, meaning that you often ignored the deadlines or just didn’t return the money, it is likely that your request will be rejected.


Multiple recent applications

There are a lot of people who regularly borrow money. Some of them think that if they leave a dozen of requests at a time to different companies, this will speed up the answer. This is a red flag for the provider because a person who regularly takes loans is a risky client.


No income evidence

In the U.S., there are some people who work in the shadows and get paid in cash. They often have no employment contracts, and there is no proof in their bank accounts that they actually have a stable source of income. The providers will consider this as a red flag.



You should not be a hardcore gambler to be declined. Even one payment to a gambling website can be a reason for the company to reject your application. Most gamblers are very irresponsible with their funds, so this means that the provider might have problems with getting the money back.


Basically, all these issues can be easily solved if you can get work. You need to get any possible proof that you have a stable source of income, make sure you do not borrow too much money, and never gamble. Then, your trust score will increase significantly.


Who can get a payday loan?


The requirements for being qualified for any kind of loan are quite simple:


  1. 1. At least 18 years old
  2. 2. A resident of the United States
  3. 3. Regular income.


These are the main points that are checked by the companies before they proceed to check your bank account.


Why is a payday loan needed?


The statistics in the U.S. show that people of all ages and occupations take payday loans to cover all types of expenses. Generally, these are:


  • ● Emergencies
  • ● Utility bills
  • ● Shopping
  • ● Rent payments and others.


This shows that the reason does not really matter as long as it is not related to gambling or anything similar.


How to get a payday loan?


Getting an understanding of the way payday loans work will make it easier to use them properly.


1. Send a request

A request may be easily sent from our website after choosing a provider. Check out our rating of the best companies for each state. If you hesitate, just leave a request in the general form and one of the lenders will contact you themselves.


2. Get the approval

The next phase includes the approval of your loan. With this type, it generally takes a few hours for an answer to be received. Generally, credit history is not checked; it shouldn’t affect the decision, but everything is possible.


3. Receive the money

Right after you get the “green light”, the money will be sent to your account. The transfer time completely depends on your bank.


4. Returning the money

The last stage, the most hated one, is when the money must be returned to the company. You should not ignore this stage because you will have to pay an additional fee, and it will impact your credit score. In most cases, the money is automatically withdrawn from your bank balance.


As you can see, it is very simple. All you need to do is make sure you follow all the terms. Then, everything will be okay.


Where to get a payday loan online?


Getting a payday loan online is very easy, especially in the modern world. All you need to do is fill out a form, attach your papers, and wait for the approval. However, there are many providers to choose from, so it is better if you check the ratings.


As you can see, there are many companies to choose from. Make sure you analyze their terms attentively before sending a request. Borrow responsibly!


Indylend will allow you to get various loan offers through a simple form

  • MIN loan amount: $200
  • MAX loan amount: $5000
  • Rates and fees: 6.63% to 225%


The site offers to receive offers for a payday loan. The site uses modern security, and your personal data will be reliably hidden

  • MIN loan amount: $100
  • MAX loan amount: $1000
  • Terms: 28 day
  • Rates and fees: 200%-2290%
  • Turnaround Time: 1 day


Allows you to quickly receive loan offers of up to $ 2500 for medical services, car repairs and other things

  • MIN loan amount: $100
  • MAX loan amount: $2500
  • Rates and fees: Differently


Here you can find offers of three types of loans: personal, payday and installments.

  • MIN loan amount: $200
  • MAX loan amount: $5000
  • Terms: Differently
  • Rates and fees: Around 450%
  • Turnaround Time: 1 day





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